Buddha’s Enlightenment Day Poem

by Susi Childress, Bodhisattva Dharma Teacher

2500 years ago, the Buddha saw a star and got enlightenment,
So they say.
I looked up last night and saw a star, but got no enlightenment,
Or so I say.

Why did the Buddha get enlightenment, but I didn’t?
Did he see a different star, and that’s why?
Am I maybe doing something wrong?
And what did he really get, anyway?

What is enlightenment?

Buddha, me, star, enlightenment, right, and wrong,
Who made this?

I’ve heard that everything is originally empty, 
So is any of this even important?
So many questions! 
The questions swirl around in my head 
Until the Buddha statue on my desk laughs at me
And shouts, “KATZ!”

Outside my house the sky is gray, and the frost melts off the grass.
Faces on the computer screen smile back at me
As I read my poem. 

Happy Buddha’s Enlightenment Day!